Saturday, June 15, 2013

Recent Art Production

 My studio space is such a limitation, especially when it comes to the weather. I wasn't able to get back to any serious making of art until early May! A lot of what I need to do in my technical process requires outside facility. So, once the temperatures became favorable and the rain stopped, I was able to get some pieces under way.
This abstraction was started as a demo piece during a PSAD open house in April. Again, it's a transitional piece and one where I wanted to introduce some subtle delineation; creating a contrast between the organic and geometric elements.

In "Helmet Boy meets Bird Man", I simply wanted to play with the layering of squirted lines of pigmented plaster. These lines were laid on a dry under-painting of my typical multiple layered plaster, tempera paint, and fabric dye. I was aiming at a more formal Paul Klee feeling.
Well, I just have to keep exploring the Icon motif! This was a commissioned piece from a customer who stopped by my booth during the Paducah festival. "St Lawrence, the patron Saint of Cooks" as an appropriate piece of art to be displayed on the wall of a commercial kitchen! And so it will be.
I think that I'm going to create some of my own "saintly characters" for vocations that don't have specific patron saints and see if there is an interest for such pieces (I guess, Icons on the lighter side!).

Here is a late addition to the post. I discovered it in my small storage unit, saw that it was unfinished piece from 2012, decided to seal it, and add some glazing. It's one of the larger (32x48) "excavation" series pieces but with a little influence from Delaunay and the Futurists.