Wednesday, October 19, 2016

First Three Completed

These pieces represent what I've been doing in my studio time. I'll share with you some of my classwork from metals, painting, and computer graphics in the weeks ahead.

In this unusual self portrait, I defined the figure and broke up the "frame" around the image by extending content through to the edge. I also darkened some areas, especially in the upper background, to create greater contrast and drama. I found that in order to restore the white of the fish skeleton, I had to grind it out with a dremel and decided to keep some of it open to give a greater sense of dimension.

I incorporated the figure into this piece: images taken from old family photos of relatives from my Armenian side. The fact that the partial self-portrait on the lower right happens to look angry is purely incidental. I also enhanced some of the color and lowered the value scale at some key points.

This portrait of Graham was easy to finish: light pigment mixed with the plaster and apply where needed. Added a little fabric dye to incorporate more color and a little texture. I only had to brush a little watercolor in areas that were too open. Sealed with the Polycrylic and called it done.