Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Break

Not very exciting, but it's something that I've needed to do for many years: color charts!

This is all about matching with a color and knowing how to "make it".

These are just two chart examples...I'm putting together 8 sheets for 12 hues. Each chart starts with the straight hue, then mixed with white to fill out a six point scale. Then it's mixed with all of the other hues on my 12 color palette. Each one of those is then reduced in value on the same scale.

In the next 10 days, I am planning on squeezing in a newfresco self portrait with color conscious glazing which will take advantage of this color study.

 Here's where I've had to call it quits with the "hand/model" painting. Just got to move on (I wasn't able to recover from having to reseal the ground).

And I started another self portrait using that new tile sub-flooring material. This shows the very beginning stage of drawing with the squirted plaster line on the sized surface.

My process involves sanding down the squirted drawing bead, filling specific areas with plaster (often premixed with tempera paint), painting over textured areas with black tempera paint to create a fine tracery/contour line, and then more layers of the same.
Further development: premix filling of particular areas, with combing texture lines that follow cross-structural contours, and a sprinkling of fabric dye for added visual texture.

Even though classes have begun for the Spring semester, I will continue to post photos of progress with regard to this painting/newfresco. As the layers increase, the image will become more obscure.
Everything has been layered and filled at this point. Now, I've got to sand it down and seal the surface. Then I can glaze with some Golden acrylic pigment and matte medium, where needed.
                          Image revealed through sanding
Image enhanced through  sealing

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Metals Class

Here are pics of some of what I did in the Metals Course (Jewelry).

 This is a detail of three medallions, rolling ring, and broom cast tie clasp.
My favorite was this Shell Box made from 20g copper, brazed, topped with a shell handle (cuttlefish bone casting set with prong rivets), and finished with an ammonia/salt patina.

A copper Snow Flake medallion with a tube set zirconium diamond and ammonia fume patina.

80% of the production.

A last look at the shell box closed and with a poly-coat to protect the patina.