Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Final Stretch!

I'll start start a new set of images here. Plus, I'll carry over any further progress on pieces featured in the last post. And I just realized that I've been neglecting my ceramics class. So, here's the first pic:

It shows fellow student Misha under a plaster mold for future
face mask slip castings which I'll use in clay sculptures, as well as being incorporated into one of my paintings.
Scott showed up for moral support.

Here's the immediate extraction-1st casting. When bisque fired, these look spooky real!

DISCLAIMER: do not try this at home! No matter how exciting you think it would be to make a plaster mold/cast of your friend's face. I have disaster  stories of students who tried it on their own (eg., a trip to the ER!).


As promised, here's a set from my ongoing fossil series in ceramics class.

Here's the next step of that other "fun" abstract piece I started a couple of weeks ago. It's all about industrial image of mechanic/speed; sort of retro futurism (now that's an odd pair of words!) within a 1950's design formula.

I did some shade/glazing over it to define forms and clarify the "motorcycle" parts. Low level challenge with simple satisfaction.

 I've done a bit more with that Mayan portrait set against a raised abstract environment. I was somewhat limited by the composition, but it has worked out quite well, none-the-less.
Just needs another glazing or two.
Yep, still working on that ecorche! Leg and arm at this point.

More development on that landscape painting from Castlerock Park.

Other antics in the ceramic classroom: Misha accepted a dare to bite a piece off of Hannah's Gollum figure (to get a reality effect).

Not sure if I'll be able to finish this painting of the little falls at Creve Coeur Park.

There's a better chance of finishing this painting of the Page Overpass at Creve Ceour Park. Just one more week...all critiques, all classes. Everything has to be done!

For the most part, the ecorche male figure is complete. Just need to smooth everything out.
This course was the most beneficial one of the semester!
I'm planning on making a mold/cast of it in latex, later in May.

I used a scrap of lauan, sized it, and put some of my KY clay over it as a support for this little landscape oil painting. I'm going to spread some highlights on the raised texture portions with a roller.