Monday, January 16, 2017

Spring Semester Production

Hopefully, this post will grow like the previous. Except, I will try to limit the step-by-step development of pieces and focus on finished pieces (so much for that attempt!)
I have some old, very large panels that need to be "used up". So, I fell back on my preferred stand-by on this 40x60 inch panel: non-representational abstract imagery. Oh, that's just plain FUN! I think that I will glaze some on this piece, simply to create a sense of depth on the picture plane.
It may be hard to see, but I've altered this piece a bit, adding a steam freighter, then turning it into a refinery, then cutting out sections where ceramic fossil tiles can be attached. Not sure if I should go back to the ship subject.

And another large "fun" abstract piece is underway!  

  I will be adding a few extra steps to the Pisa Portrait and thought that it would be best to re-post the "sealed" stage and show the progress that is made from week to week. I'm trying to glaze with acrylics this time: you have to really move quickly and restore highlights almost immediately. One advantage that I've noticed is that the plaster texture shows through with greater clarity than when glazing with oils.
Finished image for now (awaiting group critique next week). By the way, if you haven't already figured it out, it's "God photo bombing my selfie at the Leaning Tower of Pisa."

Here's an old piece that I revisited, selecting an image suggested in the abstraction and turning it into a ballerina on stage, complete with stage lights.

Here are some pics of early progress on my generic male figure for 3D-Ecorche class.



Here is an example of what I'm doing in landscape painting (a scene from Queeny Park in West County St. Louis). Just the second level of under-painting. Oh, I had to glaze white over almost everything to convey "fog", and darken the pond. The heavy stuff goes on next week (really!).
I may deepen the look of the water, but it's pretty much finished.

And I've started a second landscape, this one from a photo of the bluffs at Castlewood State Park.

Also, I decided that this older painting, in its previous state, had too clear of an edge around the human figure. So, I broke it up and softened the water boarder at the bottom.