Monday, August 27, 2012

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.

I've been reading some articles by Werner Gitt ( on the topic of Creation/Evolution and followed up on a little research of my own with regard to the human DNA molecule:
The DNA contained within a single human body cell, if stretched out end-to-end, measures about 6 feet. There are between 50 and 100 trillion cells in a human body (depending on age and size). Given 5280 feet/mile, that means that there are between 56.82 and 113 billion miles of DNA in a human being. Given the distance from the earth to the sun to be 93 million miles, that total DNA contained within one human body could make between 300 and 600 trips to the sun and back! Yet, that same DNA mass could be compressed and fill the space of a single ice cube.
(Wikipedia and the book, "Fearfully and Wonderfully made")

Oh, Dr. Gitt's principle point is that a non-material entity (in particular, "information"...our DNA) cannot be generated by a material entity.

Personal Update

Since the beginning of the school year I started teaching Art 100 at WKCTC (the local community college), and will soon be teaching both an after school program (on a monthly basis) in a district about an hour from home and a drawing class for the VCC co-op. This regular employment (along with the part time framing at Michaels) is such an answer to prayer and a much needed provision from the Lord. As a result, the time that I can devote to maintaining this blog will be limited.

I will keep up art production if only for portfolio development. I'll need that when applying for a MFA program at the end of the year. My art festival circuit will be reduced to 5-6 shows a Summer. I will certainly keep posting progress in this art part of my life.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Some Thoughts and Quotes

Ongoing Thoughts on the Context of Art

Say a lot with as little as possible.

Keep the message simple.

Always include a bit of mystery.

Tell a story. People are drawn to storytelling.

It’s okay to be ambiguous or create ambivalence.

The best art comes out of conviction and passion.

Great art is infectious and stands the test of time.

Remain loyal to your passion.

Favorite Quotes on the Subject of Spiritual Guidance

Our activity should, therefore, consist in placing ourselves in a state of susceptibility to divine impressions, and pliability to all the operations of the Eternal Word. Whilst tablet is unsteady, the painter is unable to produce a correct picture upon it, and every movement of self is productive of erroneous lineaments; it interrupts the work and defeats the design of this adorable Painter. We must then remain in peace, and move only when He moves us.
                                                               Fenelon, “Spiritual Progress” 21:5

First and foremost, to be emptied of self-will, for "even Christ pleased not Himself" (Rom. 15:3). This is absolutely essential; self-will and self-pleasing must be mortified if I am to be delivered from walking in darkness.

As a general rule it is better for us to trouble our minds very little about "guidance"--that is God's work: our business is to walk in obedience to Him day by day.
                                                               Divine Guidance, A.W. Pink
The will and wisdom of the flesh must be feared and crucified, and denied. The ear must be closed to all that the flesh and its wisdom, whether in self or in men around us, has to say. In all our thoughts of God or our study of His Word, in all our drawings nigh to worship, and all our goings out to work for Him, there must be a continued distrust and abnegation of self, and a very definite waiting on God by the Holy Spirit to teach and lead us. A soul that thus daily and hourly waits for a Divine leading, for the light of knowledge and of duty, will assuredly receive it. Would you be led of the, Spirit, give up, day by day, not only your will and wisdom, but your whole life and being. The Fire will descend and consume the sacrifice.                                                 
                                                    The Leading of the Spirit, Andrew Murray