Thursday, May 11, 2017


Well, I did it! Finally got that MFA...even though it took me 30 years! The intensity of the year has left me exhausted (dealing with stage two of a 2 week long cold). Although I won't be able to maintain the level of production attained over this year, I will keep it up and will share more likely monthly postings on the blog.
It was such a joyous time waiting and waiting... and waiting in the SLU gym in preparation for the graduation ceremony.

Colleagues Rebecca and Jennifer in the background.

There I am in the second row on the left side. Not a huge graduating class, when you consider it includes both under graduate and graduate students.

Here are am with my host "parents" Jean and Gordon. If it weren't for their generous provision and assistance, none of this would have happened.

I was thinking of becoming a Dominican Monk (use the handle "Friar Myer")

I'm going to revisit this piece: cut the right side off and add pencil diagrams of a generic family tree chart in the open space in the lower central section. Got to work quickly on this seeing that I'd like to enter it into a regional competition by tomorrow's deadline!