Friday, September 9, 2016

Three Weeks of Studio Production

Here are three pieces that I've been working on since having been issued a studio space in the Strassner off-campus building.
"Back to Fish 2" This is a remake of a piece I did several years ago (a favorite which was accidentally destroyed). I've got to make some adjustments on the left arm and do much more glazing.

"Celestial Tree" This abstract composition just received its first layer of glazing and will have a few "ghost-like" images, from very old family photos, drawn/sketched in various places, and in varying scale, on the picture plane.

"Graham" This portrait, of the brother of a former student of mine, is in the first stages of development: initial squirted plaster line, added texture, black paint over texture to create a fine ridge-line delineation, after future sanding.