Wednesday, June 1, 2016

More Big Changes

Sorry for taking so long to post something. These recent months have not been very art productive. But, I have had a productive year of teaching. In fact, it's been the best year of my teaching career with wonderfully enjoyable classes!
Here's a sample of some of the students that made it such a fun year for me:

Delightful Mary, who thinks that her charming disposition earns her free snacks.
 5th hour Art 1, where I got to say multiple "No's" and rip up their art work...every half a minute. Sorry for leaving out the Seniors (they had the privilege of getting out of school before finals).
The very sassy 4th hour Art 1 class, who had mevin wrapped around their finger.

 Sarah sporting the "W--- T---" crown gift. Along with Christine who was equally as proud of her most excellent hand built container.
Ty in fractal distortion.
I've replaced Alex' fractal photo with an image of his 1st place prize winning Japanese print, as recognized by the Webb City Public Library Invitational Printmaking Competition 2016.

Here is a very small sample of this years art work:
Abbi's Glass Mosaic

The scrap book art bulletin board.

Caitlin's Glass Mosaic
And an Art Appreciation group shot (minus the seniors) plus a couple of 2016 graduate hugs...
Ty and Jon at the Crystal Bridges field trip

With much sorrow, I did resign from CHCS. I feel like this next year is the last chance that I'll have to earn my MFA. So, I'm living back in St. Louis and will start my first Summer session June 6th. I'm not sure how the Lord will put that degree to use, but I feel compelled to work toward its accomplishment.
Part time work has yet to be determined. Any extra time that I do have will be spent working on the WKY homestead. Yeah, that's a retirement dream of a self sustaining, renewable energy, hobby farm...which will hopefully be up and running by the time I reach that magic age!