Saturday, February 7, 2015

Art in the Dark

Okay, I've been delinquent in keeping up with these posts! I have been creating some work, but I haven't been pleased with any of it. Just lacking inspiration, partly due to my focus on teaching these days.
This image goes back to a series I had done 20 years ago. Kind of a 50's retro abstract expressionism. As with 20 years ago, I glazed with oils over the sealed surface in an effort to create form and depth.
I used one of my mega bike tour photos from over in Italy as inspiration for this Newfresco. I glazed with acrylics where needed. There was a part that did not come through well after the initial sanding and, after and attempted repair, I pretty much gave up on the piece. Repair jobs with this sort of medium are rarely successful.
This is another reaching back into the early years of my production. I had done several still life pieces like this and they all sold. It's not like I need to sell something, I was simply trying to tap into an inspiration from the past.
Lastly, I thought that I would try a little wildlife image. Nothing special, had a old small frame with a little piece of lauan and there's a parrot! A little too "cartoonish" for me, but some of my students liked it.
I do have more work under way and will be using up some of my old epoxy resin material to encase these new "excavation" series pieces. I should have something to  show for it in a month. So, until's more "art in the dark".